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Hard Cover Production

Spine Strip Cutting

PBS 096 Spine Strip Cutter

PBS 096 Spine Strip Cutter

Producing accurate, burr free strips for all types of casemakers utilising shear knife action. Eliminate the guillotine and improve your casemaker performance and case quality with this robust machine.

Technical Data

  • Cutting length: 420mm

  • Cutting width: 3 - 55mm

  • Cutting thickness: 0.1 - 4mm

  • Speed: up to 60 cycles/min

Board Cutting

PBS 1350 Semi-Automatic Board Cutter

FR-21K Semi-Automatic Board Cutter

This is machine is designed to cut large board sheets into board pieces. The sheets are fed automatically from the feeder and cut into strips. The strips are then placed back onto the feeding guide for the second cut producing the final blank size required. The finished product falls onto the collecting conveyor ready for use. Board waste is automatically collected and exits the machine on the inline conveyors.

The rotary knife system gives an accurate clean burr-free finish for all types of board – industrial cardboard, grey board, E/F corrugated board etc. The machine is easy to adjust (knife adjustment is automatic), and productivity is high with one operator.

Technical Data

  • Min cutting length: 85 x 150mm (WxL)

  • Finished board size: Min 85 x 150mm (WxL),
    Max 600 x 500mm (WxL)

  • Board thickness: 1mm - 4mm

  • Capacity: 30-100 pieces/min

  • Distance between knives: min 70mm

  • No of knives: max 8 pairs

  • Knife adjustment: Automatic

  • Waste removal: Automatic

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1 – 0.15mm

  • Operation: Via Touch Screen

  • Power: 8.0kw, 3ph 16A, 400v, 50Hz

PBS 086A Semi-Automatic Board Cutter

PBS 086A Semi-Automatic Board Cutter

This model is used for cutting/slitting cardboard and grey board/box board etc. It is perfect for producing accurate, burr-free boards for the production of hardcover book covers and rigid boxes with high precision and high efficiency.

Technical Data

  • Max Cutting Size: 1200 x 1100mm

  • Min Cutting Size: 140 x 90mm

  • Board thickness: 0.8-4 mm

  • Speed: 75/m/min

PBS 086A Semi-Automatic Board Cutter

PBS 086AA Fully Automatic Board Cutting Line

This fully automatic board converting line take a full size sheet of board as supplied by the mill and feeds from the pallet directly into the first cutting station. The strips are fed into a right angled hopper and fed at 90 degrees through the next cutting station thereby completing the cutting cycle. The finished pieces are the automatically palletised ready for dispatch to the next process ie; Casemaking for hard cover books, Rigid Box production, lever arch files etc. This machine offers high productivity and accuracy with one operator. The waste is automatically separated during the cutting process and exits the machine via a conveyor.

Technical Data

  • Speed: 70 m/min

  • Length: 600 x 1300m

  • Board Feeding - Width: 700 x 1150mm

  • Board Feeding - Speed: 33 times/min

  • Board Feeding - Length: 85 x 1150 mm

  • Pusher Feeding – Length: 85 x 1150mm

  • Pusher Feeding – Width: 150 x 480mm

  • Pusher Feeding – Speed: 117 times/min

Round Cornering (Cases)

PBS Corner Master

PBS Corner Master

Cases, freshly made on any casemaker, are fed manually by hopper feeder or in-line automatically onto the infeed conveyor of the CORNER MASTER unit and brought into position in its round cornering station. Four diagonally moving rounding tools create neatly shaped round corners on the cases. With carton qualities up to approx. max 1,000 g/m² rectangular (not corner rounded) case boards are recommended.


  • Simplicity of operation
  • Quick and easy makeready
  • Easily moveable
  • Reduced floor space
  • No preparatory treatment of the covering material required

Technical Data

  • Case size (open): Min 143 x 94mm, Max 720 x 420mm

  • Conveyor infeed speed: 60m/min

  • Speed: up to 3,600 (depending on size, material quality, operator skill etc)

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750B Casemaker

We are specialists in Casemakers and we have a huge range available, covering everything from semi-automatic models for on demand/short run production up to high speed fully automatic models. We are also able to supply solutions for large cases, curved cases, shaped cases, 1 -7 piece cases, cases with windows/apertures etc so whatever your requirements are, we’ve got you covered. Our machines can process a range of different glues too, from hot animal glue to cold glue and vegan glue options!

We recommend contacting us with your specific requirements so that we can advise you on the correct machine which will suit your production preferences.

We are UK agents for manufacturers such as Horauf, ODM, Daluiso Machinery, Schmedt and also a variety of Chinese manufacturers.

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Casing In & Spine Forming

ODM Sticker

ODM Sticker

This semi-automatic single blade Casing-in machine comes with standard cover guides and an extra paste attachment. It is self-adjusting which requires no make ready and has easily removable glue stations for quick clean-up. The machine includes a Case Registration Device which is especially useful when casing-in thin books. We have 2 models available, the standard size and an XXL version for larger books.

Technical Data

  • Min book size: 100 x 100 x 2mm

  • Max book size: 280 x 355 x 100, XXL 450 x 450 x 100mm

  • Speed: 100 to 200 books per hour

  • Floor Space: 1067 x 685mm, XXL 1250 x 800mm

  • Net weight: 160kgs, XXL 500kgs

ODM Sticker

ODM Smasher

This semi-auto single station hydraulic building-in (spine forming) machine comes with one set of joint forming irons. The spine which is created on this machine is called a French Groove. Dual button operation ensures operator safety, and the adjustable dwell timer controls the amount of time the book remains under ten tons of hydraulic pressure to ensure highly compressed books. We have 2 models available, the standard size and an XXL version for larger books.

Technical Data

  • Min book size: 100 x 100 x 2mm

  • Max book size: 280 x 355 x 100, XXL 450 x 450 x 100mm

  • Speed: 100 to 200 books per hour

  • Floor Space: 610 x 610mm, XXL 700 x 700mm

  • Net weight: 386kgs, XXL 525kgs

Schmedt PräLeg

Schmedt PräLeg

This semi-auto machine operates on the proven principle of one blade for holding and transporting the book block between the gluing units. Largely without a need for format settings, small and medium-sized editions can be processed just as easily as special-sized and constantly-changing formats. Control of specific procedures at the gluing stage and subsequent transport of the block to the case is controlled by touchscreen. This facility can be used to adapt the gluing process to a variety of block types (e.g. photo albums) and to different kinds of backliner. The glue feed into the gluing units is controlled by pumps. To achieve a perfect viscosity of the glue, an automatic water feed is integrated into the machine. Water can be added to the glue in intervals either automatically or manually. The machine also has an automatic cleaning system which is activated by touchscreen. There is also a desktop version, PräLeg XS, please contact us for details on this model.

Technical Data

  • Block Thickness: 2 – 80mm

  • Block Width: 110 – 450mm

  • Block Height: 80 - 450mm

  • Speed: up to 300/hour

  • Air requirements: 6 bar

  • Power: 230-240 V / 50-60 Hz

  • Weight: Approx 300kg

Schmedt PräForm Pro

Schmedt PräForm Pro

This semi-auto has 4 press stations with heated joint formers. The built-in joint formers are suitable for laminated or cellophane-coated papers as well as for cover materials such as cloth. The individual stations open automatically in the removal position, allowing the finished book to be quickly removed and loaded with the next cased-in book.

Thanks to the multi-station principle, a longer pressing time is achieved despite the higher machine output, which is a prerequisite for high-quality binding. The machine is controlled by a touch screen. Through this screen, all functions of the machine can be checked and each pressing station can be controlled individually. The machine's advanced safety system combines maximum operator protection with optimum user-friendliness by dispensing with obstructive covers in the working area.

Technical Data

  • Book height: up to 315mm

  • Book width: 120 – 420mm

  • Book thickness: 8-50mm (up to 70mm without stacker)

  • Output: approx 300 books / hour

  • Air supply: 6 Bar

  • Power Supply: 200-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 0.8kw (A.C)

  • Options: Barcode system, stacking unit

PBS 015D Digital Casing In Machine

PBS 015D Digital Casing In Machine

This automatic machine is designed to automatically apply the hard cover to the book block following the application of hot melt adhesive to the end papers. This gives a very strong bond to all types of book blocks and eliminates warping effects. Once the cover has been applied to the book block, the cased in book travel automatically to the pressing station where the spine is formed under heat and pressure. The finished book is delivered automatically onto the conveyor.


  • Touch screen operation with ability to store jobs

  • Hot melt adhesive application for strong bond applied by Nordson system
  • Joint forming and pressing station
  • Format change 1-2 minutes
  • 1 man operation

Technical Data

  • Book thickness range from 4-30mm

  • Max book size 400 x 340mm

  • Min book size is 130 x 105mm

  • Speed range is 7-15 pieces / minute

  • Power 3 phase, 400 volts

  • Footprint 4600 x 2000 x 1875H

  • Weight 2500kgs