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PBS ‘Wonderland of Print’ event an unqualified success

20 September 2019

The team at Perfect Bindery Solutions has declared its recent ‘Wonderland of Print’ event an unqualified success following record visitor numbers to its Carterton showroom. The event was a real family affair with PBS partners Julia and Steve Giddins organising equipment logistics and visitor experience while their graphic designer daughter Hannah provided the creative concept for the ’Through the Looking Glass’ theme and the artwork for the impressive visitor pack which was printed and finished during the three-day mini-show, for visitors to take away and keep as a potent memento of the power of print, bindery and packaging.

Event partners represented under the banner ‘BE INSPIRED’ included: Ace Adhesives, Perfect Box Solutions, Connect Financial Services, CP Group, Four Pees, IML, IPIA, Konica Minolta, LasX, Letterbot, On Demand Machinery, Perfect Bindery Solutions, Schmedt, The Finishing Point, V-Press, Vivid Lamination and Winters & Co. The visitor pack, which comprised a pack of cards, hard case lay-flat book and ‘handwritten’ recipe notelet with covering letter, was personalised using information gathered by VPress as visitors entered the showroom and transferred to the be printed on the box lids via its Web2Print software. In all, more than 60 visitors left with personalised packs.

PBS partner, Steve Giddins, says:

“This was more than just a run-of-the-mill open house; we worked very hard to pull together a diverse selection of complementary specialist suppliers – all exceptional in their own field and all with something really exciting to talk about and demonstrate to our visitors. We organised a workflow within the showroom to demonstrate every aspect of the creation and production of a promotional pack that included a hard cover book, bespoke pack of cards and ‘hand’ written recipe notelet with covering letter, all presented in a luxury box with foiled and/or embossed personalised lid. It was all produced live by the event partners and met with a universally favourable reaction from the attendees. We all know everybody’s time is at a premium, so we were determined to pack as much ammunition into this event for visitors to take away and use to help build up their business firepower.”

The Wonderland of Print event took place on the 8th, 9th & 10th October at the Perfect Bindery Solutions showroom in Carterton, Oxfordshire.

The Visitor Pack:

Some Images from the Event

4Ps KM
PBS Pack
PBS Mad Hatters Tea Party The Giddins RGB
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