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KSP - Boxing Clever

Perfect Box Solutions has installed a new box making line at KSP in Banbury.

Perfect Bindery Solutions benefits from a depth of knowledge and extensive experience in the disciplines of print finishing, bookbinding and stationery production and its portfolio of machinery has been developed to address the many post-press requirements of both digital and litho printing. This expertise with paper and board conversion has also led it, in recent years, into the packaging sector with its offering – through Perfect Box Solutions – of an innovative range of technically advanced equipment for the in-house production of luxury boxes, whether on-demand or in short-to-medium run lengths.

ew box making line

One of its latest installations is a luxury box making line at KSP Group’s Banbury, Oxfordshire, manufacturing facility. The equipment installed by PBS includes an LXS 1246G automatic box production line with in line quad stayer (corner taper), in line wrapper and an in line casemaker, along with a Saili 850L high speed grooving machine with automatic waste corner removal.

ksp box making

Answering the needs of the market

With speed of turnround and quality assurance a priority, KSP offers a range of in-house services from large format digital, litho and screen printing to most aspects of finishing. It also specialises in the production of ring binders, with a huge choice of options and finishes to guarantee a unique presentation item, personalised to customer requirements.

Having invested previously with PBS, KSP returned to the company for advice when it was looking for a new solution having identified a market to bring short run box making in-house. Managing director of KSP Kevin Woodcock comments:

“We had been producing short run luxury rigid boxes by hand for a number of years, but we saw an opportunity to bring in some automation and take advantage of the changes in the market where a requirement for smaller orders is growing. Since Covid, there has also been a shift from people ordering from China, where delivery costs have quadrupled and lead times have doubled, which gives us the opportunity to take advantage of a niche for luxury boxes in shorter runs.”

Perfectly Suited

Because of the pandemic, for the first time when making a substantial investment KSP (like many other companies) was unable to travel to see the equipment that it was thinking of bringing in, so a good amount of trust had to be placed in both manufacturer and supplier. The equipment installed by PBS includes an LXS 1246G automatic box production line, high speed groover, casemakers, corner taper and riveting machine. Kevin adds:

“This equipment is perfectly suited to our business and the products that we wish to offer. PBS has been very supportive of us in this transition and, as a supplier and business partner, they worked hard to make sure that we ended up with what we needed. With everything you need for professional book production and the creation of luxury boxes and more, PBS specialises in high quality machines and solutions from a range of well known manufacturers, backed by extensive experience and knowledgeable technicians and support staff. We have a good relationship with PBS and are excited about the prospects of what this latest investment can do for our business.”

The Finishing Machinery Portfolio At KSP – Supplied By PBS

KSP factory

KSP Group manufacturing facility in Banbury

  • Machine: 1246G automatic box production line including in line automatic glue and paper feeding, robot positioning, four corner taping, pressing, wrapping and casemaking. Manufacturer: LXS.
  • Machine: 850L high speed groover with automatic waster corner removal. Manufacturer: Saili.
  • Machine: 1004 semi-automatic large format casemaker. Manufacturer: IML.
  • Machine: BDM 20 high speed automatic casemaker. Manufacturer: Horauf.
  • Machine: Semi-automatic single corner taper. Manufacturer: Daluiso machinery.
  • Machine: Semi-automatic riveting machine (times two) for ring binder production. Manufacturer: IML.


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