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Stampatre doubles up with second Canon Smyth book production line

Turin-based high-end print house installs second integrated digital printing and traditional book thread sewing line to meet burgeoning international demand.

STAMPATRE’s Angelo Rinaudo and Angelo Volponi

STAMPATRE’s Angelo Rinaudo and Angelo Volponi with the new line

In its 39th year of business, Turin-based commercial printing house STAMPATRE Srl has confirmed its position in the cross-border digitally printed book sector with a major new capital equipment installation at its base in northern Italy. The new integrated production line comprises a Canon VarioPrint 6330 TITAN printer in-line with a state-of-the-art SMYTH DX-70 PLUS section folding and sewing system.

Under the astute guidance of Angelo Rinaudo and Angelo Volponi, Stampatre has developed a specialism in fine-art publishing and the production of editorial series, encyclopaedic files, art book collections, brochures, catalogues and technical and scientific reports for publishers, artists, art galleries, banks and foundations as well as for agencies and general commercial clients. Adoption of the most advanced and flexible high quality production systems has been crucial to STAMPATRE’s success in supplying the constantly varying demands and tight deadlines of this very competitive sector, and this was the deciding factor in the latest investment:

“Our decision to invest in this second line came from the positive experience we had using the first system, which we installed in 2018,” explains Angelo Rinaudo. “We really appreciate how operator-friendly and how incredibly productive it is, and the cost-savings this allows us to achieve are significant.” Mr Rinaudo continues: “As a leader in this field, we must be able to offer our customers a highly-competitive TTM (Time To Market) that guarantees not only turnaround speed but also a top quality finish – regardless of the job.”

The two SMYTH DX-70 Plus lines allow the company to take full advantage of the Canon VarioPrint 6330 TITAN printers’ maximum speeds. They feed 8-page printed sheets directly to the finisher unit where the buckle folders, inserting station, and cross folding unit create the multiple 8-page inserted signatures prior to sewing. This configuration not only guarantees unmatchable book spine sewing quality and compactness, but also significantly optimises print volumes and keeps costs, production times and operator engagement to a minimum.

The Canon VarioPrint 6330 TITAN printer features Gemini technology for instant duplex printing with quality assured by Canon’s AAR Advanced Active Registration system. Throughput is 328 A4 prints per minute and monthly volumes can be as many as 10 million A4 images; with an advanced job scheduling capacity of 8 hours, the Canon PRISMAsync server further boosts operational efficiency.

SMYTH book sewing

SMYTH book sewing and finishing systems are available in the UK from Perfect Bindery Solutions, for whom Steve Giddins comments:

“There are good reasons why the conventional sewn spine is still the method of choice for the quality end of the book publishing sector – not just for case bound products, but for an increasing variety of soft cover books, too. Yes, there is an environmental factor with its benefits to recycling, but the quality market appreciates the strength of the spine for regular long-term use, its ability to lie-flat and, increasingly, the ability of sewn spines to withstand climate variations and extremes. As the long-time leader in this field, SMYTH has pioneered solutions that keep pace with the requirements of a rapidly-evolving digital print market. The DX-70 Plus has been designed to handle B2 sheet formats, with integrated parallel buckle folding and knife cross folding to maximise printer speeds and eliminate handling. At PBS we are able to add further downstream integration with in-line pressing and case-binding and/or soft cover binding so that the entire book – from blank sheet to finished product – can be manufactured with minimal operator intervention. This is the future for the book sector.”

STAMPATRE’s second Canon VarioPrint 6330 TITAN printer and state-of-the-art SMYTH DX-70 PLUS section folding and sewing system book block production line.

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