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Pike Textiles Wisbech

With over 125 years’ experience in the pattern book industry, family-run Pike Textiles is one of Europe’s leading sampling solution specialists. Its reputation for quality and reliability has been earned over generations of craftsmanship and dedication and is enhanced, in the modern era, by continuing investment in the latest technologies, adoption of lean manufacturing principles and a commitment to working in partnership with its many high profile brand name clients to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction. Based in Wisbech, Pike Textiles employs a staff of 120.

The Production Problem

Jon Allen, Managing Director:

“Creasing, eyeleting, riveting and forming large format cases are processes that are in daily use here, so the equipment must be reliable, but there are also seasonal peaks when we simply cannot afford to be without them. Our former machines were giving us problems on a too regular basis and, worse than that, we often had great difficulty getting the service and spare parts we needed. When a new project came up requiring 4 mm board to be creased – which was outside the specification of the old machine – we decided it was the right time to review all these processes. Steve at PBS had helped us research various projects over the years and, though they may not have come to fruition, this did assure us that we could rely on his commitment to our business so we decided to look at the systems in his portfolio.”

New Equipment From PBS

  • IML CV 60A Creasing machine with automatic feeder;
  • IML B 122 Eyeleter/Riveter;
  • IML Edge turning-in machine for large format cases;

The Perfect Bindery Solution

“We went to IML in Italy to evaluate the machines and were satisfied by both the manufacturer and their equipment. We’ve been running the machines for 18 months with so few issues that we haven’t needed to put PBS to the test on their back up, but I have no reservations on that score. The IML machines have raised our capacity and our reliability which, in turn, makes Pike Textiles more responsive to changing demands while maintaining our reputation for on-time delivery.”

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